СУГС „Владо Тасевски“

Биди учен, биди стручен

Students’ Code of practice
    • Students must be dressed modestly and appropriately, they must take care of their personal hygiene and they must bring the school supplies which are required for working in class;

    • The students must not bring valuable objects, (jewelry, large sums of money) due to the fact that the school shall not be held responsible for such lost objects.

    • The carrying of a mobile phone which is turned on during school hours is expressly forbidden. In such situations the mobile phone shall be confiscated and it will be returned after the conclusion of the school year on the 10th of June.

    • The students must wait for their teachers while properly seated in their classrooms as opposed to waiting for them before the classroom door or in the halls;

    • Students must not leave the class without permission and they must not stay in sanitary areas or the school halls;

    • The students must behave in a decent manner and they must respect the educational, administrative and the support staff at the school;

    • In terms of maintaining a proper dignified image of the students and the school itself, students are obligated to maintain and to contribute to a maintenance and development of a positive and adequate relationship with his classmates;

    • Carrying alcohol, cigarettes or other narcotics and their use in the school premises is strictly forbidden

    • During school hours, the students which have no classes can stay in the library or the school yard, but they must not stay in the halls;

    • Students are not allowed in the teachers’ office without the permission of a teacher

    • The students are obligated to maintain the order, discipline and hygiene in the classroom, the school and outside of it;

    • Littering in the school premises, the halls and the yard of the school is forbidden and all litter shall be thrown in the garbage bins;

    • The students must look after the school inventory and the education equipment and teaching aids;

    • The students must look after and must not destroy the vegetation in the school yard and the school halls;

    • Students are obligated to compensate for any caused damages in the school in addition to the application of a pedagogical, disciplinary measure. If the identity of the offender has not been determined, the damage shall be borne by all of the students of the class;

    • After the last class ends, the students shall exit the classroom accompanied by the teacher who shall exit the classroom together with the on-duty students after all of the other students have already exited the classroom and after examining the condition of the school inventory and school walls;

    • There must be a timely notification for any changes (address, telephone, disease, school absence and similar changes);

    • All students shall be held responsible for the computer equipment which they use in their shifts and if the equipment was damaged intentionally the costs shall be borne by the student;


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